Better together: Sheyenne doubles team excelling after unique start

Combining two traditional singles players into a doubles team doesn't always work, but at Sheyenne the drive of an unlikely pair is driving them into the state tournament as heavy favorites.

Preeti Chemiti and Mimi Gu

WEST FARGO, ND - Going into the 2019 season, Sheyenne singles standout senior, Preeti Chemiti was approached by head coach Chad Anderson, with an idea to combine forces with freshman standout Mimi Gu in doubles.

“I think for both of us, we’re typically traditional singles players, but I think the prospect of playing doubles was something that was interesting," Chemiti said. "While it seemed a little bit risky at first to put two players that are typically in singles into doubles it worked out pretty well I think.”

The transition wasn't all easy, it took the senior convincing her freshman teammate to get these two playing as one.

“Heading into my senior year I was kind of looking at what would be the best way for me to end my career on," Chemiti noted. "I thought that playing doubles with Mimi would probably be my best chance of getting the state championship which was what my ultimate goal was.”


Which was a powerful argument to Gu, who is always willing to help.

“I mean this year I really wanted to do singles," Gu added. "But, playing with Preeti and knowing she’s a senior I would really want to help.”

The move has worked better than they could have hoped, winning the EDC doubles title and heading into this weeks state tournament as the heavy favorite.

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