Fast cars create a family bond for the Christs

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WEST FARGO -- Chuck Christ has been racing for 30 years, and it's been more than just a hobby for him.

"I am not a fisherman and I'm not a hunter," he said.

The thrill of speed is not the only thing he loves about racing. It's also helped him become closer with his family.

His son's, Billie and Charlie, took after their father by joining the speedway activities. Billie's son, Jaden, wasn't far behind.


"If it wasn't for racing I don't think our family would be as close as it is right now," Charlie said.

When they're on the track, they're competitors. They do share one thing in common: the number 79 on the side of their car.

"They see the number on the car, the 79 and they are like those are the Christ boys," Charlie laughed.

When they get on the track, all bets are off. When the checkered flag flies, they know the racing is left behind.

"Earlier today I told Charlie he's not going to beat me and he is going to be looking at the back of my car the whole race," Jaden said. "Get as close as you to them without hitting them and not wreck them because you are going to have to work on it next week."

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