GRAND FORKS, ND -- Sundog Sports Club has been hosting a flag football tournament the last two years in Grand Forks, giving men and women around the community a chance to compete.

"Not a lot of people get to get out and have a lot of fun doing things they used to do," newcomer Hunter Cardinal said. "I mean we've got guys out here who haven't played football since high school and getting out and playing football is just a great way to do it, they're trying to expand to like ultimate Frisbee, soccer, stuff like that and it's gonna be a lot of fun."

This platform for athletics has allowed teams to create their own experience.

"Each team kinda has its own culture," owner and founder of Sundog Sports Club Mike Peterson said. "You're gonna find teams like the Air Force guys they have a name for every play just like in regular football, but you also find teams who are just going to wing it every single play and they're scoring touchdowns the whole time."

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Sundog Sports Club will be hosting its first summer flag football tournament starting in June, with games played at Memorial Stadium.