Concordia hasn't beaten St. Thomas in football in 11 years. But that shouldn't be the reason why the Cobbers kick the Tommies out of the MIAC.

Last week the 13 presidents of the MIAC met and decided not to do anything and not kick St. Thomas out of the league that they co-founded 99 years, but rather continue the discussion.

For those late to the party, some members of the private school league, namely St. Olaf and Hamline are not happy that the Tommies have gotten super good in football. Reports out of the Twin Cities now indicate that Concordia may be a swing vote if the Tommies stay or go.

We haven't been able to confirm or refute that report because no one at Concordia or any other MIAC school will speak publicly. But I'll speak for the Cobbers here. There's no way they should vote yes on expelling St. Thomas. Yes the Tommies are good in nearly everything, basketball, baseball, volleyball, but what's a league without someone to shoot for?

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The biggest crowds for basketball turn out for St. Thomas. In 2013 it was pandemonium at Memorial Auditorium when the Cobbers men's basketball team knocked off 2nd ranked St Thomas. That doesn't happen when Concordia beats Bethel or Macalaster.

Terry Horan hasn't been able to beat St Thomas but I don't believe he wants them gone. Concordia and the MIAC needs St. Thomas. For those that don't follow the league closely, they're the recognizable commodity there. Let's hope that Concordia's hiearchy believes they should aspire to try to get St. Thomas' level rather than tell to take a hike.