WEST FARGO — Some national college football champions got a chance to learn from their elders at a senior living home Wednesday afternoon.

Around 15 Bison Football players visited Eventide Sheyenne Crossings in West Fargo to chat with residents and have a meal together. Players even signed some autographs. Yard games were on the agenda, but players and residents got rained out.

It was the first time Bison football players have visited Eventide Sheyenne Crossings, and they hope to make it a tradition. Most of the Bison community service work is done at schools and it was a nice change of pace for the players.

"It's more for us than it is for them — just getting a chance to talk to them and kind of pick their brain. It's cool to talk to somebody that is wise," said senior Bison fullback, Garrett Malstrom.