Hamline, Augsburg and St. Olaf got their way and St. Thomas is out of the MIAC.

Competitive parity became a new term for me to use as a sports broadcaster Wednesday. That's how the MIAC defended dismissing founding member St. Thomas after 99 years of service. A month ago I made the case that Concordia needed St. Thomas in the MIAC. Turns out the Cobber school president, William Craft, didn't see it that way.

Of course the school still has said nothing publicly outside of a statement Wednesday that read, " that the school agreed with the conference's decision and to defer all questions to the league office."

I know for a fact that not all the coaches at Concordia are on board with this move. But since there's been a gag order over the school and the entire league, we'll never know. This move sends a rotten message going forward for the league. Don't get too good or you'll be out the door next.

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Think of this, North Dakota State has won eight straight Missouri Valley Football Conference titles, but there are no overtures to get rid of the Bison. Things have gone the other way, the rest of the league has tried to get better, where former doormats Indiana State and Missouri State are improving. That's what should have happened in the MIAC, not the equivalent of I'm taking my ball and going home.

This all could have been avoided with a simple conversation to St. Thomas head coach Glenn Caruso about not running the score up. Now the league is making national headlines for all the wrong reasons. And there's a real possibility things could get really ugly with the Tommies on the gridiron over the next two years