It's been 5 years since Red River made the playoffs and they're looking to turn the tide with experience.

"Our group of seniors actually met together a couple of days ago and we went over just showing our younger players what kind of family we want to have," senior running back Justin Erickson said. "We want to be seen as some leaders that can really do some good things around here."

"All of our seniors have been playing with each other for a long time, we know how to play and we just got the experience and the talent, speed and strength that we should be able to do it," senior offensive lineman Peyton Lotysz said.

The Roughriders struggled in 2018, finishing the season on a 4-game losing skid. For a squad who scored the least amount of points in the Eastern Dakota Conference, changes must be made.

"Traditionally, we've been kind of an I-back pound away team," head coach Vyrn Muir said. "As coaches, we have to be a little bit more creative in how we're going to be able to get the football to these kids that are play makers."

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"Every day, every practice, whatever it is, we just come out and get a little bit better," senior wide receiver Brady Dvorak said. "If every day you're getting a little bit better, then by the end of the couple weeks, you should be pretty dang good."

Red River's success will be determined by discipline and effort this fall.

"Lead by example for the ones younger than us and through that, I think we can accomplish some good things," Dvorak added.

"These kids will play their butts off every Friday and I think when the game's over with, if you come and look at our guys, you'll be able to tell that they gave everything they had," Muir concluded.

If they're able to get their offense rolling, the Riders could finish in the top half of the EDC.

Red River opens the season on August 30th at Minot.