FARGO — He can do it all.

"From play to play he can be a linebacker, safety, corner..." said Fargo South head football coach Tyler Kosel. "On offense, he can move to four of five different positions."

Sibomana Enock is the heartbeat of the Bruins football team.

This year, his role as quarterback may perhaps be the most important, but for him, he's just happy to be out on the field.

"It's just another position, and another opportunity to play football." said Enock.

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As running back and wide receiver in 2018, he had 23 receptions for 275 yards and one touchdown in the EDC.

Enock was born in Tanzania, and is of Burundian-descent.

He and his family came to the United States when he was six years old, and since then, he's become an athletic all-star.

In addition to football, he spends his time year-round competing in soccer, basketball, and track and field.

In May, Enock placed second in the Class A boys state track and field long jump event as a sophomore.

"When I was younger, I used to get in a lot of trouble when I was inactive," laughed Enock. "I realized when I was growing up, I needed to stay in sports to stay on the right track."

Enock said his brother Claude has always been a source of inspiration for him, telling him hard work pays off.

"He said to never be satisfied with anything, and that's my mentality now."

His dream is to attend college, and has drawn interest from several universities around the region.

"If athletics is going to take me somewhere, then I'm just going to go with the flow," he said. "My major focus right now is to make it to college and working hard from there."

Enock and the Bruins (2-0) host the Shanley Deacons (2-0) Friday September 13 to open up EDC-play.