There's nothing quite like NFL fans.

Shortly after the Vikings 28-12 win over Atlanta on Sunday, there were zealous fans tweeting about buying plane tickets for Miami, the site of this year's Super Bowl.

Mind you this is one game. Where Kirk Cousins threw just ten passes. But that's what makes the NFL so compelling. Your emotions as a fan go can from zero to 100 in a three hour span.

Just look at Viking fans a couple of years ago. The Super Bowl was certainly going to happen after Stefon Diggs miracle touchdown. Then a guy named Nick Foles happened.

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It goes the other way too. My beloved team the Jets had a 16-0 lead on Sunday, only to see that evaporate to the Bills and the Jets lost. I'm convinced they likely won't win a game this season. Our producer for our 10 pm news is a Broncos fans. It seemed like a slam dunk that Denver would beat Oakland. I guess that's why they play the games.

And that brings me back to my main point. Buckle up Viking fans. The mission to Miami could stay on course this week. Or you could be cancelling your plane tickets if the Purple lose to the Packers. The NFL. There's nothing like it.