MOORHEAD — When adversity strikes, some live with it and some learn from it. The spuds? They struck right back.

"It's been different guys... obviously everyone knows that Seth Anderson went down early," said Spuds Head Coach Kevin Feeney. "You know what? It' s been really exciting to see those younger players or even maybe some of those seniors who didn't have quite the same roll at the beginning of the season. They are having tremendous seasons now."

"We've really overcome a lot of these injuries, and I think we've actually excelled through them," said Tyler Martin, Spuds offensive lineman. "I think we've come together more as a team not having to rely on these big guys anymore."

Instead, they have relied on a lethal pass game. The Spuds averaged over 211 passing yards per game in the regular season, the bulk of that done by the Walthall brothers.

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"You've just got to cherish every moment with the seniors and your teammates and everybody," said standout junior wide-receiver Brady Walthall. "We're going to fight through, even if we lose players. We're just going to show you that we deserve to be there and we want to be there...and we're just going to keep playing until the end."

Whether the end for the Spuds comes this Saturday against Elk River or is prolonged to US Bank Stadium two weeks from now, this Spuds team has changed adversity into achievement, mishap into masterpiece.

"It's one of those teams that you never want to see their season come to an end because they come to work each day," Feeney explained. "It's really been a blessing to be a part of this team this year."

After a win over the Bemidji Jacks in the section championship, Moorhead High School will head down to Monticello on Saturday, November 9. They will take on an Elk River team who they have faced in previous seasons.