What a time it is to cover college sports.

With the Supreme Court decision Monday, it adds to a laundry list of topics that are rapidly changing.

Athletes will soon be allowed to profit from their name or image in certain states beginning next week, something many never thought would happen.

The one-time transfer rule now allows for athletes to change schools and not have to sit out. Skeptics have called it free agency in college sports, but my argument has always been if the coaches can go wherever they want, why not the players?

Lastly, major college football is set to expand its playoff to 12 teams, which will introduce even more money to a sport that's overflowing with it.

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Those that cling to the argument that the scholarship is enough for the student-athletes need to wake up. This wave of changes could benefit female athletes the most with more opportunities for sponsorships thru social media like Instagram and Tik Tok.

If you are accustomed to the old way of how college sports did business, that is old news.

The future is here. And that means everyone gets to make money. Including the athletes.