Golfers tee up one last time in Moorhead during a warm November week

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Most golf courses in the region are closed for the season, but Village Green in south Moorhead is clinging to this warm week. Golfers from across the Dakotas and Minnesota made road trips to the course, just to squeak out one more game before the snarling jaws of winter swallow the fairways with ice and snow.

Tee times are mostly booked. Assistant golf pro Randy DeBolt said this attendance soars beyond the summer average, with more than 150 golfers each day since Saturday.

"Course is in good shape," DeBolt said. "All of the public courses in Fargo are closed, all the private courses in Moorhead and Fargo are closed, Maple River in West Fargo is closed, so everybody's coming here. We've even got probably 15-16 guys out of Grand Forks this afternoon."

He added, some of the golfers on Wednesday, Nov. 4, drove up from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Some of the golfers asked our news team not to interview them, since many were supposed to be at work. Though not all of them have to play hooky to enjoy this rare day for golf.


Aaron Hill did not expect the temp to be above par, especially after the snowy weather from October.

"This is my first time golfing ever in November," Hill said. "I had my clubs put away and my cart kind of hung up in the garage. I assumed I was going to be done for the season."

Jacob Skarperud grew up with the sport, and said he is glad to take one more trip down the fairway this year.

"I didn't really know how to feel about the snow," he said. "I kind of liked it, but I didn't like it because of, no golf. I don't recall the last time I played in November."

Staff plan to stay open until this coming Saturday. They will then cover the greens in preparation for winter.

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