The Fargo North-South girls hockey team has been on the doorstep of a championship the last two seasons.

Now they're ready to break the door down. Alex Kinney and Jerica Friese stopped by the WDAY Studios to discuss the upcoming season.

"The first practice came around and we have a lot of new girls this year" Friese said. "I think people were a little nervous to meet new people and now we are three weeks in and we're having good team chemistry and we get along real well and positive attitudes in the locker rooms."

Alex Kinney is also a part of the senior class and as the goaltender has only allowed one goal in two and a half games this season. However, it's the defense who has helped her keep her save percentage high this season.

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"The defense this year is fantastic they have great chemistry, they talk well, they move together well." Kinney said. "We had a lot of people who didn't know each other and they've already become like the tightest group I've seen."

North-South has been close to hoisting of the championship trophy the past two seasons, but twice they fell short to a tough Bismarck team. The girls believe this is the year they can turn the tide if they stick together.

"I think it's just breaking it down to team chemistry again," Friese explained. "We have that positive attitude, we've come this far. We know it's going to be a different season but that's not going to stop us and we have each others backs when we need it and we're going to push each other forward to the end."

North-South returns to the ice Tuesday night when they face off against Davies.