FARGO -- Siblings always have a little warfare. South-Shanley hockey Sandy brothers are no exception. Drew is a senior, and Zach is a junior, and both can't keep competitive juices contained inside a rink.

"We used to do max outs for lifting and he'd always tell me what he got and I'd beat him every time," the elder Sandy said. "Now I've gotten a lot stronger than him, he doesn't ask anymore."

Even the parents of the two have had to intervene once in a while.

If he beats me in a game in the basement or on Xbox, they'll step in a little bit," Zach said. "They're competitive too, our whole family is."

It's shown in spades this season, as the brothers have been huge catalysts for the Bruins.

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Zach is on top of the state in the cage, a save percentage besting 95 percent.

Drew is second in the state in points scored with 51.

They're making the most of this season, knowing it's the last time the two will skate together before Drew graduates.

"I've thought about it a lot. It's going to be a lot different without him around," Drew said.

These two have done it all together when it comes to sports. They were part of the Post 2 team that made it all the way back to the American Legion World Series, nearly grabbing the title together.

"We kind of know what we're capable of so we know if one's not playing as well, we'll get on each other but we're also there to support and help and be that good mentor for him," Zach said.

They've got a clear goal in mind, helping South-Shanley win it's first state title as a co-op in hockey. Furthermore, they want to enjoy one last season of skating on the same ice.

They know it's a special time.

"To have your brother alongside with you, it's something I'll remember forever," Zach said.