FARGO-- One Minnesota hockey team is taking their dedication for the sport to Fargo this weekend. Even though it meant taking a 235 mile drive just for hockey practice, the nearly four hour drive is worth it.

“The smiles on their faces are awesome,” said Head Coach David Spehar.

The Minnesota Blades are a 13-U hockey team based out of Minneapolis and they’re looking across the upper Midwest for a rink to have their summer practices.

“We try to do the tournament feel without playing in a tournament, because honestly they’re not ready to play in a hockey tournament, and that’s okay most kids aren’t,” said Spehar

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With limited rinks open across Minnesota and no contact sports permitted, that’s when Spehar decided why not bring the team to Fargo.

“We just looked at it as instead of trying to figure out what’s going on down there, let’s come up here, it’s a beautiful area, it’s a beautiful town where we know we can skate so it’s worked out really well,” said Spehar.

“A couple weekends ago we came up here and just to have fun since we haven’t skated much during the break,” said eighth grader Danny Klaers.

So for six hours this weekend, Spehar and his team found their normalcy at H.A. Thompson and Sons Arena in north Fargo.

“It’s a lot of ice in a short amount of time so it’s very productive for the kids and us as a group,” said Spehar.

The Blades are hopeful that they can start taking road trips for games and not just practices at the end of July, but for now that normalcy resides in Fargo.

“It’s pretty great of him to do this for us because not many of us have skated like many times so it’s just a good time to come up and have fun,” said Klaers.

“In this day in age, I think kids play so much hockey and they’re so busy all winter, all summer, they’re running around. I think they truly understand how lucky they are to be able to play which is super cool to see,” said Spehar.

Spehar is a former Mr. Hockey winner and Duluth East standout. He played college hockey at the University of Minnesota, but he says that this is already one of his most memorable hockey seasons.