Hometown Stars: Benson County High School senior Kearyn Nelsen

Nelsen's leadership on the court stretches off the court into her own grant-writing business.

Kearyn Nelsen
Leeds High School senior Kearyn Nelsen (14).

LEEDS, ND -- The leadership role is something Benson County High School senior Kearyn Nelsen has embraced, being the only senior on her high school basketball team.

"I just have always thought that if I could be a role model like those older girls to me, I just thought that could be overall the best thing I could do," she said.

It's not just her basketball team, either. In school, Nelsen serves as student council president, and vice-president of finance of North Dakota's FCCLA. She's also a member of National Honor Society.

"I think that my involvement in athletics has been a positive driver in my character, because it has given me an opportunity and the confidence to pursue different things," said Nelsen.

Different things that involve much bigger challenges outside of school.


"I started my own grant writing business," said Nelsen. "I help local nonprofits obtain funding for local local projects."

Something her dad introduced her to, but it's a passion driven by Nelsen's love for her community.

"Community service has always just been a huge staple in my family," said Nelsen. "I grew up here, my parents are from here. My parents went to school where I went to school. They walked the same hallways as me and I am so proud of my community."

Currently through her grant writing business, which she does for free, Nelsen is trying to secure funding to help her local fire department expand its fire hall. Nelsen's also helped a startup daycare get off the ground.

She plans to attend the University of North Dakota with the hopes of obtaining her doctoral degree in occupational therapy with a minor in nonprofit leadership.

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