Hot Mic with Dom Izzo: End the gender inequities in sports

The addition of girls wrestling in North Dakota and Minnesota is a positive step.

Dom Izzo Hot Mic

The news yesterday that Minnesota had approved a postseason for girls wrestling was a welcoming sign for more opportunities for female athletes.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement from North Dakota on a state tournament for girls wrestling next February.

These are two big stories and will be landmark events when those tournaments come around next year.

The news doesn't drown out though the inequalities that still surround women's sports. That was none more apparent than at the NCAA women's basketball tournament where several players posted the ridiculous weight room setup that was on display when the players arrived in San Antonio.


Just a couple weeks after that fiasco, the NCAA volleyball tournament in Omaha had teams playing on concrete and temporary tents set up as locker rooms.

The men's tournaments did not have any issues with weight rooms or facilities.

Still in 2021 we're dealing with gender inequities in sports. Despite the lack of a proper training room, the women's basketball tournament was better played and more exciting than the men's tourney. The TV ratings were indicative of this.

Let's hope with this news of girls wrestling tournaments in Minnesota and North Dakota, the gap in inequities is shrinking.

So, why then is women's sports treated like an afterthought?

We need an answer and we need it now.

Dom Izzo is the Sports Director at WDAY-TV. He began working for WDAY in 2006 as the weekend sports anchor and was promoted to Sports Director in 2010.
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