Hot Mic with Dom Izzo: FBS-FCS spring games suggestions bring deja vu all over again

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NDSU is set to wrap up Spring Football Saturday and unlike past years where there has been a traditional game, it will be a semi-formal practice to wrap up the last month.

The Bison are far from alone in this practice, Chris Klieman’s Kansas State team didn’t have enough healthy players to do a formal spring game and just wrapped up the spring without a game.

There has been some chatter in the FBS world to spice up spring football by having FBS teams play FCS teams. That means the upcoming NDSU-Arizona game would be played now instead of early in the season. UND’s opener at Nebraska would happen in front of Easter instead of in front of Labor Day.

The reasoning for this is to help the FBS teams with an expanded playoff coming to play fewer games in the fall.

Are we really doing this football idea in the spring again? We just lived this last year, to low ratings and no attention. What benefit is there to FCS schools? None.


Another spring football league just kicked off last week in the reincarnation of the USFL. People aren’t interested in football after the Super Bowl. No matter how times it tries to get forced down our throats, we like our football in the fall when the weather is changing.

The most anticipated football game on the Bison schedule is this year’s game at Arizona. NDSU fans have been planning for this for six years. I can’t imagine the same anticipation from fans if they were planning for a game in the middle of April.

Opinion by Dom Izzo
Dom Izzo is the Sports Director at WDAY-TV. He began working for WDAY in 2006 as the weekend sports anchor and was promoted to Sports Director in 2010.
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