Hot Mic with Dom Izzo: The final battle for turf

Fargo Davies is the last 3A school, outside of Jamestown in North Dakota without field turf.

Hot Mic With Dom Izzo

It's that time again when Izzo starts spending other people's money. But tonight it's for a worthwhile cause.

Friday morning I received an email from Fargo Davies that the Eagle football game that night would have to moved to Shanley because of the field conditions. Last week's rains left two inches of water on the field. The newest school in the district has the worst field.

And that brings me to my point. Turf needs to happen. And soon. Fargo South joined the club last September. Fargo North is in the process of adding turf, with expectations to be done early next month. West Fargo's two high schools opened their turf fields last month and they are fantastic.


I wrote about the need for turf in the area thirteen months ago.

The worst part is this could have been prevented. When the plans for Davies were being discussed a turf field was part of the initial plans. It was taken out because of the cost. As a parent told me earlier this week "if only we had known the other benefits besides varsity sports that would come of this, it would have been a no-brainer."

That's what makes Davies turf fund a worthwhile venture. This isn't just a football project. It's for the soccer teams, the gym classes, the youth programs that want to use the field but can't because it's underwater or would be torn up. It's to make sure the JV and 9th grade teams aren't playing on a practice field with drawn in lines.

It's time for turf. In fact it's way past time.

Dom Izzo is the Sports Director at WDAY-TV. He began working for WDAY in 2006 as the weekend sports anchor and was promoted to Sports Director in 2010.
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