Hot Mic with Dom Izzo: Time to pay attention to three North Dakota standout female athletes

Britta Curl, Lauren Ware and Abby Duchscherer have each become household names for area sports fans

Hot Mic with Dom Izzo

There are three athletes from North Dakota that are making some major waves in the Midwest and could become nationally known pretty soon.

If you're asking why haven't I heard more about them? That's part of the problem.

Britta Curl left Bismarck as a four time state champion for the Blizzard. What did she do for an encore in her freshman year at Wisconsin? Win a national championship. Curl has played for Team USA in several tournaments and is a candidate to be on the 2022 Olympic team in China.

Abby Duchscherer is wrapping up her freshman year at Kindred High School. She's already won two state basketball championships and that's not even her best sport. Duchscherer is getting looks from UCLA and Alabama to play softball there.


Lauren Ware has emerged as the top girls basketball player in the state. She's so good, she's being recruited to play volleyball and hoops at schools like Nebraska, Texas and Arizona.

There may be not a better era for female athletes in North Dakota. And that's my point. This should be major news to anyone that follows sports in our state. Why isn't? Simple answer. Girls sports just don't get the same attention as boys. If these were men that had these accolades it would be the lead story in sportscasts across the state and main headlines in the sports section.

Just because their sports aren't talked about or have as many people watching shouldn't make them less important. Forum Communications has done a good job highlighting girls and women's sports. But there's still plenty of work to be done.

This is a special time for these three young women and whether they like it or not, they're role models to girls in this state. They deserve and should demand all the attention they can get.

Dom Izzo is the Sports Director at WDAY-TV. He began working for WDAY in 2006 as the weekend sports anchor and was promoted to Sports Director in 2010.
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