'I still love being with the team'; season ending injury gives Kindred's Heinrich new role on Vikings

He may not be in the stat book this year, but Kindred's Trey Heinrich is making the most of a season ending shoulder injury. He has become the Vikings' 'hype man' on the bench as the team is heading back to the Class B State Tournament.

Trey Heinrich
Kindred's Trey Heinrich at practice ahead of Class B State Basketball Tournament.

KINDRED– During the final week of practice for the Kindred Vikings, Trey Heinich isn’t perfecting his shot, but cheering on the sidelines instead.

“That’s kind of my job. It’s always been kind of my job, but it's kind of made it a bigger role on my part just to make sure that everyone is locked in and everyone is juiced for the game,” said Heinrich.

“He’s always bringing the energy for us and we love that,” said Senior Paul Olson.

It wasn't the role Trey thought he’d have this season, but he is already a standout on Kindred’s football team. His junior year on the court was set to be just as special, until September came.

“I kind of just shrugged it off because I didn’t know really what it was and it kind of hurt for the next week. After that, it slowly went away and I don’t know, I guess I didn't really think anything of it after that. Then later on, I tore the other one as well,” said Heinrich.


Midway through the football season, Trey injured his shoulder. The more he played, the worse it got, ultimately tearing his labrum.

“I was kind of in shock right away, because once I realized that I knew for sure that the other one was most likely torn as well,” said Henrich.

Trey was right. Just two weeks later, Trey had two torn labrums instead, which meant no basketball.

“I didn't really tell anyone. I told the coaches that my shoulders had been hurting, like after I hurt it initially. So I took two practices off just to see how it was feeling. Then I went back to practice as normal and I would be taped up for games, but other than that no one really knew that it was torn until after the season I went and got an MRI and then we found out,” said Henrich.

“It was a little bit depressing right away, but I kind of coped with it. I was just kind of sad that I wasn’t going to be able to play with my team for the rest of the year and I was going to miss track season most likely, but I will be back for senior year so that’s all that matters. My team has been really helpful. They have still been welcoming me with things and making me still feel a part of the team,” he added.

Even though he isn’t suiting up, it didn’t mean Trey was stepping away from his basketball family.

“It would not be very cool of me to just like leave them in the dust. So I would go to practice just to be with them and so I could still feel part of the team,” said Henrich.

“We wanted to keep him around the team as much as possible, keep his spirits up, but he’s a very resilient kid. He’s had a tough year as far as injuries are concerned, but I know he will work really hard to rehab and be ready to go on the football field in the fall,” said Head Coach Brad Woehl.


That resiliency is bringing a new energy to the Vikings bench.

“You hate to see it because he’s a really good athlete and would be a big player on this team. I’m just glad that he decided that he was still going to show up to these practices and be on our bench and cheer us on. I think we all kind of every game, we’re kind of thinking, you see him on the bench and he wants to be out there and he’s bummed out that he can’t be out there. So I think that kind of motivates everyone a little bit more too,” said senior Max McQuillan.

“He’s done a lot of great things on the bench, being supportive. I mean obviously he is still here at our practices and comes to all of our practices. It’s great to still have him on the team for sure.” said Olson.

It's a role that Trey says he will be ready to shed next season.

“This isn't going to last forever and I will get better eventually, but it is a long time and this summer I won't be able to do camps or anything, but I’ll make the best of it,” said Heinrich.

Henrich hopes to fully healed by the middle of August, just in time for his senior year of football. Second seeded Kindred takes on Bowman County to open the Class B Tournament on Thursday in Minot.

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