WEST FARGO -- Racing has always been the constant in West Fargo's Bryce and Jake Haugeberg’s life.

"My dad just came home one night with a go-kart and thought it would be fun to get me and my brother into it," said 18-year-old Bryce.

Bryce got his start first, and Jake wasn't far behind.

"I saw him winning a lot of trophies and I always wanted to have that in my room too," Jake, who's 15 years old, said. "Just a completely different sport and something that’s more exciting, in my opinion."

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Spending time at the track is no longer just a fun hobby, it's a way for these brothers to connect.

"If we’re not racing go karts, we’re at a dirt track racing sprint cars.," Bryce said.

They want to be the best, but they can’t help but be each other’s biggest fan.

"Sometimes in the last year it’s just been me and him working together, and when we do good we work really good together," Jake said..

"Finishing first and second, in earlier years when we were in different classes, the nights we both got a win, those are pretty special," Bryce said.

That includes when Bryce got the opportunity of a lifetime this year, a chance to drive in an Automobile Racing Club of America race, otherwise known as ARCA, for the first time in Phoenix, Arizona.

"It’s mind blowing. The first time I went there, taking it all in," Bryce said. "Just out of this world."

He's even got to drive a few laps at Daytona International Speedway.

"Being from North Dakota, I would have never thought be in my life where I am right now," Bryce said.

"It makes me a little less nervous knowing that he’s already done it," Jake said. "I know that if he can do it, I can do it.

When it comes to racing each other, the Haugebergs want to be the first across the line.

"Sometimes it’s good, sometimes the car rides home are pretty long," Bryce said.

It's a passion for going fast brings these two brothers together, on and off the track.

"I would love for this to just be a growing family thing," Bryce said.