ND Class 9-man football preview capsules

Fargo Oak Grove Coach: Derek Bakken (1st year) 2012 record: 0-8 (Played in Class 1A) Players to watch: Collin Asheim, Sr., RB/DB; Nick Card, Sr., WR/S; Coulton Dangerfield, Sr., RB/LB; Nels Eide, Sr., OL/DL; C.J. Johnson, Sr., OL/DL; David Peters...

Fargo Oak Grove

Coach: Derek Bakken (1st year)

2012 record: 0-8 (Played in Class 1A)

Players to watch: Collin Asheim, Sr., RB/DB; Nick Card, Sr., WR/S; Coulton Dangerfield, Sr., RB/LB; Nels Eide, Sr., OL/DL; C.J. Johnson, Sr., OL/DL; David Peterson, Sr., OL/DL; Colton Pierce, Sr., OL/DL; Tucker Schoenfish, Sr., WR/DB; K.C. Steinback, Sr., OL/DL.

Coach's comments: "It will be an adjustment for the coaches and players, moving down to play 9-man football. We are also playing in Region 1, which will be a challenge, but we are looking forward to it."


Schedule: Aug. 27-at Hankinson, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, 2 p.m.; Sept. 6-at Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-South Border, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-at Strasburg-Zeeland, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-Richland, 7 p.m.; Oct. 5-Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page, 2 p.m.; Oct. 11-at Lamoure-Litchville-Marion, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-Sargent Central, 2 p.m.


Coach: Mike Jacobson and Kevin Nesemeier (1st year)

2012 record: 2-6

Players to watch: Clay Montag, Sr., RB; Andy Thorson, Sr., WR/DB; Garrett Erickon, Sr., QB/DB; Lucas Montag, Sr., WR/DB; Nick Gullicks, Sr., TE; Joseph Ihry, Sr., OL/DL; Tanner Post, Sr., OL/DL; Chance Flaten, Sr., TE; Matt Suhr, Jr., QB/DB.

Coach's comments: "We have a core of experienced (players) back at skill positions and a couple on the line, offensive line and defensive line," Nesemeier said. "The boys have their team goals and they've put it upon themselves to improve and have a winning season."

Schedule: Aug. 27- Hatton-Northwood, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-at Four Winds, 3 p.m.; Sept. 6-North Star, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-at Cavalier, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-at Thompson, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-Benson County, 7 p.m.; Oct. 5-at Fargo Oak Grove, 2 p.m.; Oct. 11-New Rockford-Sheyenne, 7 p.m.



Coach: Jason Monilaws (9th year)

2012 record: 5-4

Players to watch: Carter Mauch, Jr., QB/LB; Brady Theede, Sr., DL; Kendrick Lenzen, Fr., RB/LB; Grady Mauch, Jr., RB/DL; Peyton Krump, Jr., OL; Tanner Kutter, Sr., OL, Hunter Prochnow, Sr., WR/DB; Jared Hoglin, Jr., WR/DB; Bailey Hernandez, Soph., WR/DB.

Coach's comments: "We are going to be young. We're going to be playing a lot of juniors and sophomores. But, in hindsight, quite a few of those kids saw playing time last year because some of the injuries we went through forced them into a situation that they got to play, so they've got some game experience. If we can figure this out, if kids can gel and if we can put offensive and defensive line together that's going to be efficient, I think we can be in a situation at the end of the season where we're playing for a playoff spot."

Schedule: Aug. 27-Fargo Oak Grove, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-at LaMoure-Litchville-Marion, 7 p.m.; Sept. 6-Sargent Central, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-at Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-at South Border, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-Strasburg-Zeeland, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-at Richland, 5 p.m.


Coach: David Smith (4th year)

2012 record: 0-8 (Played in Class 2A)


Players to watch: Riley Korsmo, Sr., OL/LB; Jacob Pladson, Jr., QB/DB; Dakota Maruska, Sr., OL/DL; Cody Ellis, Sr., RB/DL; Tyler Holden, RB/DL; Jace Pederson, Jr., TE/LB; Neil Foss, Jr., OL/LB; Logan Vettelson Jr., TE/LB.

Coach's comments: "We're expecting to do well. We struggled last year in

11-man, but we're going down to 9-man for the first time this year, so we're expecting to do well but it's really tough to know as we go into the first 9-man game. We've got a new opponent so it's kind of tough to base off of as far as where we're at against anyone else. You don't really know what they're really like."

Schedule: Aug. 27-at Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-New Rockford-Sheyenne, 7 p.m.; Sept. 6-at Thompson, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-Drayton-Valley-Edinburg, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-at Four Winds, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-Cavalier, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-at Benson County, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-North Star, 3 p.m.


Coach: Andy DelaBarre (2nd year)

2012 record: 7-3

Players to watch: Brady Thielgas, Sr., RB/LB; Anthony Olson, Jr., WR/DB; Quinn Alo, Soph., OL/DL.


Coach's comments: "We've set our expectations high this season. With a tough region, every game could make a difference on playoff seed or even qualifying. (Returning starters) understand the expectations and demand the entire team to meet them. We will put the best nine guys on the field. Whether it is a freshman or a senior, we have certain expectations from them."

Schedule: Aug. 27-at Sargent Central, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-Hankinson, 7 p.m.; Sept. 6-Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-at South Border, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-Strasburg-Zeeland, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-at Richland, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-Fargo Oak Grove, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-Mott-Regent, noon.

New Rockford-Sheyenne

Coach: Elliot Belquist (5th year)

2012 record: 12-0 (9-man state champions)

Players to watch: Ethan Haley, Sr., QB/DB; Evan Swenson, Sr., OL/DL; Seth Gilliss, Jr., WR/DB.

Coach's comments: "We lost five starters on offense and six on defense, so we've got to have some young kids step up and fill those holes. (Returning starters) are doing a nice job. They're picking it up right where we left off last year. They're great leaders. They're really helping the young kids along right now and making sure they're doing the right things."

Schedule: Aug. 27-North Star Starkweather, 7 p.m.; Aug 31-at Hatton-Northwood, 7 p.m.; Sept. 6-Benson County, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-Four Winds, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-Cavalier, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-Thompson, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-at Thompson, 1:30 p.m.



Coach: Kal Triplett (5th year)

2012 record: 5-4

Players to watch: Kayne Griffith, Sr., RB/LB (all-state first team); Matthew Workin, Sr., QB/DB; Travis Myers, Sr., FB/LB; Wyatt Koenig, Sr., OL/LB; Matt Myhre, Sr., OL/DL; Chase Zenker, Jr., OL/LB; John Thompson, Jr., OL/DL; Jake Todd, Jr., OL/DL; Connor Knudsen, Jr., FB/LB; Gavin Muscha, Jr., FB/LB; Kyle Kensinger, Jr., OL/DL; Joseph Smith, Jr., WR/DB.

Coach's comments: "We have a good number of guys returning. We'll return all of our skill positions and all but one spot on our line. Offensively, we hope to be successful every year. Defensively is where we really hope to improve. That should equal more wins for us. It's probably the best returning class that I've had."

Schedule: Aug. 27-at Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-Napoleon, 5 p.m.; Sept. 6-at South Border, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-Strasburg, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-at Hatton-Northwood, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-at Oak Grove, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-LaMoure-Litchville, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-at Sargent Central, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-Hankinson, 5 p.m.

Sargent Central

Coach: Ben Anderson (1st season)


2012 record: 3-6

Players to watch: Levi Jablownsky, Sr., WR/DB; Craig Zirnhelt, Sr., RB/DB; Brandon Wyum, Sr., QB; Jesse Feist, Sr., OL/DE; Devin Arp, Sr., TE/DE; Hunter Diegel, Sr., FB/LB; Marcus Mahrer, Sr., C/LB.

Coach's comments: "Our guys have been pushing themselves to get into shape and that should carry us throughout the season. ... We are definitely going to be leaning on our seniors for leadership on offense and on defense."

Schedule: Aug. 27-LaMoure-Litchville-Marion, 7 p.m.; Sept. 6-at Hankinson, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-at Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, 7 p.m.; Sept. 27-South Border, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-at Strasburg-Zeeland, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-Richland, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-at Fargo Oak Grove, 2 p.m.

South Border

Coach: Bryan Schumacher (1st year)

2012 record: 7-3

Players to watch: Adam Jacobson, Sr., RB/DB; Tucker Meidinger, Sr., QB/LB; James Thielges, Sr., TE/LB; Brayden Kuntz, Jr., RB/LB.

Coach's comments: "I still have a lot of good kids coming back. I'm not saying we're going to be region champs or anything like that, but we do have a good group of kids coming back. I'm really happy with what I have."

Schedule: Aug. 31-at Strasburg-Zeeland, 7 p.m.; Sept. 6-Richland, 7 p.m. (at Ashley, N.D.); Sept. 13-at Fargo Oak Grove, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-LaMoure-Litchville-Marion, 7 p.m. (at Ashley, N.D.); Sept. 27-at Sargent Central, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-Hankinson, 7 p.m. (at Wishek, N.D.); Oct. 11-at Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-Napoleon, 7 p.m.;


Coach: Scott Strenge (13th year)

2012 record: 9-2 (9-man Region 1 champions)

Players to watch: Luke Oster, Sr., OL/DL; Seth Harles, Jr., QB/S; Tristin Manikowski, Sr., OL/LB; Ryan Honl, Sr., WR/DB; Alec Johnson, Sr., WR/DB; Cody Strege, Sr., OL/DL; Lance Haase, Sr., TE/DE; Brian Schmit, Jr., WR/DB; Paul Moffet, Soph., RB/LB; Adolfo Vasquez, Soph., TE/DE.

Coach's comments: "What I like about our (returning starters) is that they've really increased their speed this offseason. They're a very football savvy group, and they've taken on their captain roles. They get the kids together and talk over stuff. They've given 100 percent participation in their summer camp too. They're commitment to excellence is strong."

Schedule: Aug. 27-Richland, 7 p.m.; Aug. 31-at Fargo Oak Grove, 2 p.m.; Sept. 6-LaMoure-Litchville-Marion, 7 p.m.; Sept. 13-at Sargent Central, 7 p.m.; Sept. 20-Hankinson, 7 p.m.; Oct. 4-at Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, 7 p.m.; Oct. 11-South Border, 7 p.m.; Oct. 19-at Strasburg-Zeeland, 3 p.m.

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