ND Class A girls state track: Roesler defends four state track and field championships for fourth straight season

BISMARCK - Fargo South's Laura Roesler admitted Saturday that all the accolades and attention finally caught up with her this year. She felt eyes on her at all times. She heard the whispers as she walked by. It all culminated in a 50th-place fini...

Fargo South's Laura Roesler
Fargo South's Laura Roesler leaves the pack behind in the Class A girls 800 meters during the North Dakota state track and field meet Saturday in Bismarck. Roesler won the 100, 200, 400 and 800 for the fourth consecutive year. Dave Wallis / The Forum

BISMARCK - Fargo South's Laura Roesler admitted Saturday that all the accolades and attention finally caught up with her this year.

She felt eyes on her at all times. She heard the whispers as she walked by.

It all culminated in a 50th-place finish at the North Dakota state cross country meet in October.

But Roesler, who advanced to the semifinals of the 800 meters at last summer's Olympic Trials, didn't stay down for long.

The junior earned the Class A girls titles in the 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters for the fourth year in a row Saturday at the North Dakota state track and field meet at the Community Bowl.


"You heard: 'She's burned out, she's just going to get slower like all other girls do,'" said Roesler, who now has 17 total state individual track championships. "It's not going to happen to me. ... Before last summer I kind of flew under the radar. Now I'm just trying to feed off of (the attention). You almost have to."

Roesler started her day with a runaway win in the 100 (12.45 seconds). A few minutes later, she eclipsed her own overall state meet record with a time of 55.10 in the 400.

Roelser won the 200 with a time of 25.16, and capped off the day with a time of 2:13.92 in the 800.

"I don't know," she said. "It's just been so many times in a row I'm just used to it. I've got to stay calm, don't let anything get to me. ... It's a little more mentally intense (this year). I felt like people were expecting it, expecting records every time."

Roesler received a standing ovation from the large crowd when it was announced she had reached 17 total titles.

However, she soaked it in for only a few seconds before shyly hurrying off the awards stand.

Roesler said she will run in the Dakota Elite meet in a couple weeks, and the Nike Outdoor Nationals later this summer.

And next year she hopes to break Heather Zander's overall state meet record of 12.20 in the 100. She would also like to break two minutes in the 800.


"Sometimes it gets old," Roesler said of the constant attention. "But I'm trying to relax and be more comfortable with it."

North eighth-grader wins high jump

Kira Larson's up-and-down season ended on a high note.

The Fargo North eighth-grader equaled a personal-best with 5 feet, 6 inches in the girls high jump to earn the first state title of her career.

"I never imagined I would end up taking first," said Larson, in her first full season with the Spartans varsity. "... I had goals to, maybe as a junior, get to 5-8 as a junior. I didn't think I'd be getting 5-6 as an eighth-grader."

Larson said she battled to stay confident this year as she struggled to maintain consistency. She would clear 5-4 one meet, then 5 feet the next.

But things turned around when Larson cleared 5-6 at the East Region meet.

"I'm excited to see how high I can get next year," Larson said.


Grooters earns triple double in the hurdles

West Fargo junior Ellie Grooters won the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles for the third straight year.

Grooters set the Class A state record with a time of 43.03 in the 300 hurdles.

She later won the 100 hurdles with a time of 14.73. She also finished third in the 100 dash (12.83).

"I really wanted to get into the 42 (second range in the 300 hurdles)," Grooters said. "I was close. But I'm really happy with the times I ran."


West Fargo freshman Alissa Mears lost her 3,200 crown to Minot sophomore Brecca Wahlund. Wahlund finished first with a time of 11:00.47. Mears, who defeated Wahlund in the 1,600 on Friday, ran an 11:18.08. Mears collapsed due to exhaustion after the race, and had to be helped to the awards stand. She returned later to the help the Packers' 1,600 relay to a fourth-place finish. ... Bismarck won the girls team title with 169 points. Fargo South was second at 94. ... West Fargo's Darin McKinnon was selected Class A coach of the year. Jill Steinwand of Bismarck Century was named senior athlete of the year.

Team scores: 1. Bismarck 169. 2. Fargo South 94. 3. Century 78½. 4. West Fargo 74. 5. (tie) Dickinson and Minot 72. 7. G.F. Red River 42. 8. Fargo North 39. 9. Williston 27. 10. Jamestown 26. 11. G.F. Central 21. 12. Mandan 19. 13. St. Mary's 5. 14. Devils Lake 2½.

Individual Results


100: 1. Roesler, FS, 12.45. 2. Steinwand, Cen, 12.74. 3. Grooters, WF, 12.83. 4. Bolstad, FS, 12.87. 5. Lantz, Dic, 13.04. 6. Milbrath, Min, 13.05. 7. Bennes, Bis, 13.06. 8. Knoell, GFRR, 13.18.

200: 1. Roesler, FS, 25.16. 2. Steinwand, Cen, 25.85. 3. Milbrath, Min, 25.88. 4. Bolstad, FS, 26.75. 5. Meyer, Bis, 27.15. 6. Braunberger, Min, 27.33. 7. Lantz, Dic, 27.33. 8. Miller, Man, 27.34.

400: 1. Roesler, FS, 55.10 (record, Roesler, FS, 55.37. 2009). 2. Milbrath, Min, 57.25. 3. Steinwand, Cen, 57.75. 4. Conlin, FS, 58.86. 5. Messer, Dic, 59.31. 6. Lynch, Dic, 59.80. 7. Nyanfor, FN, 1:00.07. 8. Zander, Man, 1:00.62.

800: 1. Roesler, FS, 2:13.92. 2. Schuh, Bis, 2:18.44. 3. Valenti, FS, 2:19.65. 4. Harrison, Wil, 2:20.53. 5. Lindsay, GFC, 2:20.56. 6. Wolf, Dic, 2:20.74. 7. Henry, Cen, 2:20.82. 8. Allmer, Jam, 2:21.40.

3.200: 1. Wahlund, Min, 11:00.47. 2. Mears, WF, 11:18.08. 3. Wolf, Dic, 11:22.41. 4. Lambert, Bis, 11:31.83. 5. Fischer, SM, 11:34.81. 6. Pintar, Bis, 11:37.03. 7. Lachowitzer, FS, 11:41.44. 8. Beehler, Bis, 11:44.81.

400 relay: 1. Bismarck (Yantzer, Bennes, Moser, Seidel), 49.60. 2. Dickinson 49.60. 3. Fargo North 50.98.

800 relay: 1. Minot (VanderVorste, Braunberger, Ihmels, Milbrath), 1:43.60. 2. Bismarck 1:44.51. 3. Fargo South 1:45.44.

1.600 relay: 1. Bismarck (Meyer, Schuh, Carlson, Schuh), 4:00.11. 2. Dickinson 4:00.85. 3. Century 4:03.51.

100 hurdles: 1. Grooters, WF, 14.73. 2. Moser, Bis, 15.56. 3. Zietz, FS, 16.25. 4. Christensen, Wil, 16.71. 5. Delzer, Cen, 16.85. 6. Larson, GFRR, 17.18. 7. Larson, Min, 17.27. 8. Mueller, Jam, 17.36.

300 hurdles: 1. Grooters, WF, 43.03 (record, Grooters, WF, 43.25). 2. Moser, Bis, 45.98. 3. Herauf, Dic, 46.38. 4. Yantzer, Bis, 46.85. 5. Vanderpan, Cen, 47.39. 6. Mueller, Jam, 47.46. 7. Seidel, Bis, 47.51. 8. Christensen, Wil, 48.02.

High jump: 1. Larson, FN, 5-6. 2. Zietz, FS, 5-5. 3. Govig, Cen, 5-2. 4. (tie) Bennes, Bis, and Moser, Bis, 5-2. 6. Nygaard, Jam, 5-2. 7. (tie) Greening, DL, and Larson, Cen, 5-1.

Triple jump: 1. Iverson, Jam, 36-6½. 2. Yantzer, Bis, 34-10½. 3. Vasichek, Man, 34-8. 4. Larson, FN, 34-6. 5. Jeske, Cen, 34-5. 6. Dufault, GFRR, 34-2½. 7. Beaudoin, Dic, 34-1½. 8. Asche, GFRR, 33-2.

Discus: 1. Gordon, Cen, 125-4. 2. Clarke, Wil, 121-8. 3. Eggert, Min, 121-3. 4. Helmers, Man, 118-4. 5. Brekkestran, WF, 115-6. 6. Herauf, Dic, 115-4. 7. Iseminger, GFC, 114-11. 8. Schulz, Bis, 114-9.

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Fargo South's Laura Roesler
Ellie Grooters of West Fargo clears the last hurdle before winning the 100-meter event Saturday during the North Dakota state track and field championships Saturday in Bismarck. Dave Wallis / The Forum

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