NDSU Wellness Center aiming for 1,000 runners in Sanford Fargo Marathon

FARGO — The 16th annual Fargo Marathon is still a few months away — but for some, there's no time like the present to prepare for it.

The North Dakota State University Wellness Center, along with the Fargo Marathon, launched a race kickoff on campus Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 22.

They're hoping to get a thousand runners to sign up — whether it's students, alumni or even fans — to "Run with the Herd" in May.

This year's marathon is one of only a handful of times where it takes place during the school year.

"One of the biggest prospects in a town like this is in a college town is getting the students to stick around," said fitness coordinator Jenna Grabinski. "Campus is wonderful but there's also a lot just in the town of Fargo itself that we can share and collaborate on."


Those that sign up get a discount on registration fees.

The Wellness Center also plans on meeting several times leading up to the marathon. They'll focus on group training, and explain the benefits of yoga and nutrition as a part of a running routine.

You can get involved in the activities on their Facebook page .

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