NDSU women win their eighth straight Summit Indoor track title

FARGO - It was the final turn in the 800-meter run when North Dakota State could have turned the finish by Erin Teschuk, Amy Andrushko and Jenny Guibert into a victory lap. There were still several events to go, but the outcome was obvious.

FARGO – It was the final turn in the 800-meter run when North Dakota State could have turned the finish by Erin Teschuk, Amy Andrushko and Jenny Guibert into a victory lap. There were still several events to go, but the outcome was obvious.

Make it an eight-peat for the Bison women.

Behind Teschuk, a double winner on Saturday, NDSU won its eighth straight Summit League Indoor Track and Field Championships, this time doing it at home at the Shelly Ellig Track and Field Facility.

The Bison were nearly flawless all day. Moreover, they did it with several underclassmen, meaning Summit teams will probably have to significantly up their games to unseat the champs in the near future. Of NDSU’s roster, four seniors scored, including shot put winner Emily Lesser and 5K champ Maddie Van Beek while the rest came from juniors, sophomores or freshmen.

“It’s something we’re really proud of,” Teschuk said of the winning streak. “But we’ve also worked really hard for it.”


NDSU totaled 231 points to second-place University of South Dakota’s 180.5. The Bison had the depth and they also had the individual standouts, led by the junior Teschuk, who also won the mile about an hour and a half earlier. The 1-2-3 in the 800 made it a 63-point lead over USD, which was facing an uphill climb at the start of the day anyway.

“Coming in, the 30-point cushion was nice, but there were a couple of events that could have been big swings,” said Bison head coach Stevie Keller, the league’s coach of the year. “Our girls showed up and competed well.”

It was the first title for Keller, a former Bison assistant in his first year in charge. He took over for Ryun Godfrey, who built the program into a conference power. Relief?

“I think a little bit of relief,” Keller said. “Seven in a row, now eight. You would like to think there’s no pressure but, yeah, there’s a little bit of pressure there.”

His athletes took the pressure off all day. In the most watched race of the day for Bison teammates, Teschuk edged Van Beek in the mile run, with Teschuk almost effortlessly circling the track in 4 minutes, 41.28 seconds, about seven seconds off her personal best this season. The conference meet is also not the time to unleash all-out effort in one event.

Teschuk still had the 800 and, if needed, the 5,000-meter run, yet to complete. She wasn’t needed in the latter, instead warming down and cheering on Van Beek as she was chasing down another individual title in the 5K.

“She crushed it,” Teschuk said. “I knew she would.”

By the time NDSU got to the second-to-last running event, it had at least a 60-point lead with three field events yet to score. It was time to hang yet another banner.


If there was any change from Godfrey, who led the Bison to the first seven titles, to Keller, it was hard to tell. NDSU appeared to have bigger, stronger and faster athletes on the Ellig floor.

“Stevie did such a great job making it a smooth transition for all of us,” Teschuk said. “It’s been awesome.”

Her concentration now turns to the NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships in two weeks.

“It will be nice to have a week off from racing,” she said. “We’re going to keep at it, keep up the training. Now it’s a matter of staying sharp.”

Team totals: NDSU 231, South Dakota 180.5, South Dakota State 114.5. Oral Roberts 50, Western Illinois 35, Nebraska-Omaha 35, IUPUI 9, Indiana Purdue-Fort Wayne 7.

Individual results

60: 1, Carper, SDSU, 7.50. 2, Williams, ORU, 7.61. 3, Huschle, USD, 7.62. 4, Odegaard, SDSU, 7.67. 5, Hahn, NDSU, 7.79. 6, Cottrell, IPFW, 7.86. 7, Burnett, ORU, 7.97. 8, Armstrong, UNO, 7.98.

60 hurdles: 1, Hagedorn, SDSU, 8.74. 2, Cannigan, USD, 8.95. 3, Boschee, NDSU, 9.05. 4, Beachy, NDSU, 9.11. 5, Ahrens, UNO, 9.23. 6, Schreurs, SDSU, 9.29. 7, McGlone, WIU, 9.36. 8, Heinze, NDSU, 10.08.


200: 1, Reynolds, ORU, 24.19. 2, Huschle, USD, 24.32. 3, Carper, SDSU, 24.65. 4, Williams, ORU, 24.71. 5, Jackson, NDSU, 24.86. 5, Odegaard, SDSU, 25.00. 6, Hahn, NDSU, 25.24. 7, Watson, USD, 25.71.

400: 1, Reynolds, ORU, 54.12. 2, Milbrath, NDSU, 55.25. 3, Kitching, NDSU, 55.86. 4, Woods, NDSU, 56.37. 5, Heinze, NDSU, 56.65. 6, Watson, USD, 56.72. 7, White, WIU, 57.17. 8, Ireland, USD, 57.53.

800: 1, Teschuk, NDSU, 2:10.21. 2, Andrushko, NDSU, 2:11.48. 3, Guibert, NDSU, 2:12.65. 4, Wetzstein, USD, 2:13.51. 5, Reese, ORU, 2:15.43. 6, Schmidt, USD, 2:16.40. 7, Eibs, SDSU, 2:16.83. 8, Beard, IPFW, 2:25.37.

Mile: 1, Teschuk, NDSU, 4:41.28. 2, Van Beek, NDSU, 4:44.53. 3, Wetzstein, USD, 4:50.85. 4, Eichkorn, USD, 4:52.30. 5, Schmidt, USD, 4:58.04. 6, Kildow, UNO, 4:58.30. 7, Eibs, SDSU, 5:01.61. 8, Kozak, USD, 5:02.75.

1,600 relay: 1, NDSU (Hahn, Kitching, Heinze, Milbrath), 3:44.47. 2, USD, 3:46.88. 3, SDSU, 3:48.02. 4, ORU, 3:53.30. 5, UNO 3:56.29. 6, IUPUI 4:01.07. 7, IPFW 4:05.37.

5,000: 1 Van Beek, NDSU, 16:37.51. 2, Barrett, USD, 16:58.08. 3, Eichkorn, USD, 17:03.10. 4, Kozak, USD, 17:10.22. 5, Neubert, SDSU, 17:12.57. 6, Grossenburg, SDSU, 17:26.36. 7, Kildow, UNO, 17:27.80. 8, Janssen, NDSU, 17:31.68.

Triple jump: 1, Brown, WIU, 40-6. 2, Black, SDSU, 40-3.50. 3, Thompson, USD, 39-07.75. 4, Christensen, USD, 38-11.75. 5, Stephens, SDSU, 38-10.25. 6, Bruenjes, NDSU, 37-8.75. 7, Lahren, NDSU, 36-11.75. 8, Henderson, UNO, 36-5.75.

High jump: 1, Wirth, SDSU, 5-11.25. 2, Ahrens, UNO, 5-7.25. 3, Derickson, UNO, 5-5.25. 4, Christensen, USD, 5-5.25. 5, Govig, NDSU, 5-5.25. 6, Everitt, UNO, 5-5.25. 7, Boschee, NDSU, 5-3.25. 8, Hahn, NDSU, 5-1.25.

Pole vault: 1, Maddox, USD, 13-2.25. 2, Mills, USD, 13-2.25. 3, Brigham, USD, 13-2.25. 4, Benke, NDSU, 12-8.25. 5, Meador, USD, 12-2.50. 6, Gietzen, NDSU, 12-2.50. 7, Noga, USD, 12-2.50. 8, Aune, USD; Stangl, NDSU, 12-2.50.

Shot put: 1, Lesser, NDSU, 53-5.50. 2, Waldner, USD, 49-6.50. 3, Weimerskirch, NDSU, 48-1.75. 4, Pasiowitz, NDSU, 48-0. 5, Grant-Shaffer, WIU, 45-9.25. 6, Thornton, NDSU, 45-6.50. 7, Laufenberg, NDSU, 45-3.50. 8, Johnson, USD, 44-6.75.


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