OTTERTAIL, MN - Many factors can effect the yield on Minnesota's opener, melt speed, water temperature, bait availability, spawn schedule and more.

Pro fisherman and guide Bret Setterholm, Battle Lake, MN, is confident that all indications are pointing towards a solid start to the season.

"I feel like it's going to be a better or really good opener," Setterholm said. "I mean the way it started out was nice and warm, but the water temperatures still haven't really got where we want them to, to have a really good bite. I think its all going to come crashing together, all at the same time, so you're gonna have a good bite if you can get the right bait, it's gonna be a pretty good opener."

Similar to a year ago, the spottail shiner population will still be low for the opening weekend.

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"With short abundance, hopefully you can get your hands on some larger fatheads, or some sucker minnows," Setterholm added. "You don't want to rule out some leeches or nightcrawlers as well, it's a little bit early for that, but you hear of some people getting them on."

Regardless of bait the weather will also have an affect on the opener, with scattered showers and 12-24 mph winds expected.

That won't stop Minnesotan's hungry for the water though, as thousands are expected to hit the lakes for the state's favorite holiday.