Things are hoppin' in a Fargo bunny nest, as this fluffle of bunnies (yes, that is the correct term for a group of bunnies) are camera-ready for those wanting to watch a day in the life of these tiny rabbits. InForum will not disclose where this nest is located for the safety and physical privacy of the bunnies. Viewer discretion is advised, as they are unprotected from nature's predators. It is illegal to disturb this or any other warren (yes, that is also the correct term for a nest like this).

Facts about bunnies:

— Baby rabbits are actually called kits or kittens.

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— Mother rabbits limit their time in the nest, making it less likely they will draw predators to their babies.

— Mother rabbits do not ever leave their nests for good unless something has happened to her. They will not leave them if humans have touched them.

— Mother rabbits typically feed their babies twice a day and in the dark, usually in the early morning or late at night. This is to avoid predators.

— Bunnies leave the nest at around 3-4 weeks of age if they are healthy.