FARGO — After the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said in late August that it was investigating bird carcasses dumped in a ditch in Oakport Township, north of Moorhead, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department said it is now also investigating two other cases of carcass dumping at sites near Fargo.

Two piles have been found just north of Hector Airport and Cass County Highway 20, according to officials, who said one consisted of a total of 25 Canadian geese, pigeons and doves. Game officials said most, but not all of the birds, had their breast meat removed. It is believed that the carcasses were left in the piles a few days before Sept. 3.

Just a few yards from the new pile of geese is a separate dumping ground of about 25 to 30 geese that have been left in a ditch near farms and busy roads to decompose next to a farm field just north of Cass 20.

The property and homeowners on the gravel roads near the carcass piles are frustrated by the stench and are concerned about driving past them, as the carcasses can attract more animals.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department said it's an issue that comes up every year. Canada goose season is underway in North Dakota and throwing bird carcasses into a public ditch is considered littering. However, disposing carcasses on your own property is legal.

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Some sportsmen's groups suggest double-bagging the carcasses for garbage pickup or bringing the bags directly to a landfill.