The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has amended the 2019 deer proclamation to allow hunters to buy multiple leftover doe licenses that are valid during any open deer season.

Beginning at 8 a.m. CDT on Monday, Oct. 7, Game and Fish will issue any remaining doe licenses as a concurrent season license, which can be used during the archery season with a bow; the deer gun season with a bow, rifle or muzzleloader; or during the muzzleloader season with a muzzleloader. However, hunters who are younger than 14 years old at the end of the calendar year will be issued a concurrent season license for archery only.

There is no limit on the number of concurrent season licenses a hunter can purchase.

According to Jeb Williams, wildlife chief for Game and Fish in Bismarck, more than 1,900 doe tags remained in four units as of Monday, Sept. 30. The department opted to wait until Oct. 7 to offer unlimited concurrent doe tags to give hunters who might not yet have a license a chance to buy a first-come, first-served license.

Units with remaining licenses are in the southwest part of the state, where Game and Fish is working to keep deer numbers in check to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease.

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“We haven’t had the issue in the last number of years of selling all of our allocated licenses — they’ve gone,” Williams said. “Last year, we got a little bit close up until the very end, but we did end up selling all the licenses.”

Offering remaining tags as concurrent season licenses might make them more attractive to hunters, Williams said.

“If you are interested in one of these first-come, first-served licenses, you might want to get that because (after) Oct. 7, they might go fairly quick,” he said.

Hunters who already have either a lottery or first-come, first-served deer gun license can buy additional concurrent tags beginning Oct. 7, as well, Williams said. Licenses purchased before then are only good for the rifle season.

Hunters with concurrent season licenses are restricted to the type of antlerless deer printed on the license and must stay in the unit to which the license is assigned.

Residents and nonresidents are eligible to purchase remaining doe licenses by visiting the Game and Fish website at

Remaining doe licenses as of Sept. 30

  • Unit 3D1: Whitetail, 23.

  • 3F1: Whitetail, 393.

  • 3F2: Any doe, 455.

  • 3F2: Whitetail, 714.

  • 4F: Whitetail, 293.

  • 4F: Mule deer, 52.