BARNESVILLE, Minn. — Empty picnic tables, open roads and the occasional bird are three things you'll see while walking around the Wagner Campground, since it's still closed to the public.

Mike Rietz, Barnesville's city administrator, hopes it doesn't stay that way, even when the campground eventually reopens.

"It's become a very popular facility, so it'd be nice to once again see some good activity," he said.

Not all campgrounds in Minnesota are completely closed down. The Lee Lake Campground in Hawley, Minn., is allowing seasonal campers — campers who rent out space for long-term stays — but it still isn't allowing daily campers to filter in and out.

"We've been trying to view it as a soft opening for the year and giving us a warm-up," said Amanda Sundberg, one of the campground's co-owners. "You've got to put a positive spin on it, that's really all we can do in these times."

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In Wagner's case, Rietz said it draws about $700 in revenue per day when the campground is full, but since it's closed for this Memorial Day weekend, it could potentially lose about $2,100.

However, he said with the amount of reserve funds the city of Barnesville has, he's staying hopeful that the campground staying closed won't result in a big deficit.

"In the grand scheme of things, this loss is manageable," he said.

While campers in Hawley can still go out and enjoy Lee Lake with their boats and other watercraft, Sundberg said she's worried about when she can open another body of water: the campground's pool.

"That's a big hit with people, so who knows if we'll even have a pool on the 4th of July," she said.

Campgrounds are expected to open to a larger capacity on June 1, per Gov. Tim Walz's "Stay Safe" plan, and Sundberg said she can't wait to welcome more campers back.

"(Just) seeing people being busy, and people enjoying themselves again, I'm looking forward to that," she said.

Even though her campground will look more full, Sundberg believes future holiday weekends like the 4th of July and Labor Day won't be the same.

"It'll be a different year," she said with a nervous laugh.