WATCH: 'We're a real good family'; Sheyenne wrestling lineup features four sets of brothers

The Sheyenne boys wrestling team, which is coached by three brothers, features a dual lineup with four pairs of siblings

Sheyenne Wrestling
Sheyenne high school wrestling coach Lex Lunde walks on to the mat to speak with a wrestler during a dual against Bismarck High School in January 2023

WEST FARGO — At Sheyenne, the boys wrestling team is taking the concept of 'brotherhood' to a whole new level. The team has four sets of brothers… more than half the wrestlers in the starting lineup are joined by their siblings.

Sometimes reading the board it get confusing. You see your name with your brothers name or someone else," said Sheyenne Ryder Weigel. "It’s really cool to all be one big family."

Good luck trying to keep the Sheyenne wrestling roster straight.

"I still have to think, "Landon-Carter, Marcus-Mason. The Marcus-Mason is tough because it's the same M letter at the beginning. Other than that, these kids are very different even though they are siblings," said head coach Lex Lunde.

Despite the last name confusion, the Mustangs wouldn’t have it any other way.


"W're very close. We're a real good family," said junior Connor Manske. "Having all those brother bonds on the team helps bring everyone closer together and everyone feels like they're all a part of the family."

It really is a family affair. The Sheyenne coaching staff consists of three brothers and their cousin.

"I think of it as my experience with my two older brothers on the team. I did whatever they did," Lunde said. "I saw them working hard, I wanted to work hard and it's kind of the same thing with these kids."

"(The coaches) know what we go through, so they have a lot in common with us," said Maddox Weigel. "We share a bond."

That sibling connection means you spend a lot of time with your teammate.

"It's fun because you live with them every day and you get to see them every day," said sophomore Kaden Manske. "Once you're out on the mat you have someone to look up to and someone to be there by your side coaching you on.

"If some kids after a tough match or a tough loss just aren't resonating with any coach, they have somebody at home to talk to as well if they need to," Lunde said.

Cullen Holt is a sports anchor and reporter for WDAY News, while handling play-by-play duties for high school and select college sports.
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