FARGO — Weather may close schools, roads, and businesses, but it does not stop riders of fat tire bikes.

About a dozen bicyclists took to a race course for their weekly fat bike ride Wednesday night, Jan. 23.

They bundled up, turned on their lights, and peddled through Wildflower Grove Park, just northeast of the new Fargo City Hall.

The Great Northern Bicycle Company said riders are used to changing weather.

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They always prepare for the conditions, and never complain.

"What's the difference between tonight and any other night? You know, you gear up, you get dressed up and you ride in the snow," said Aaron Romaine, of the Great Northern Cycle Company. "Whether you have some flurries or not, it just adds a little bit to the excitement."

The company is also breaking in the course for the first time this season.

They're preparing for their annual Border Battle Bike Race on the Red River Winter Classic 10k.

It takes place Sunday, Jan. 27, at 11:00 a.m.