Metro high school soccer preview capsules

BOYS Fargo Davies Coach: Ian Costello (fifth season) Last season: 12-3-1, second at state Who's gone: Mason Brekke, Trey Waltz, Hunter Maloy, Sam Haggard, Fabio Miller, Camden Barta, Abu Abdikadir, Parker Stenseth and Mohamed Ahmed. Key returners...


Fargo Davies

Coach: Ian Costello (fifth season)

Last season: 12-3-1, second at state

Who's gone: Mason Brekke, Trey Waltz, Hunter Maloy, Sam Haggard, Fabio Miller, Camden Barta, Abu Abdikadir, Parker Stenseth and Mohamed Ahmed.

Key returners: Jack Olson, Sr., F; Matthew Nemer, Sr., F; Noah Sahr, Sr., G; Yonas Adams, So., M; Ethan Olson, Sr., D; Conner Bosch, Sr., D; Grant Wiemken, Sr. D; Andy Thomas, Sr., M; Casey Haldis, Sr., M; Pablo Nunez, So., M; Joshua Anderson, Sr., D; Eric Bimenyimana, Jr. M/F; Harrison Thom, Sr., D.

Coach's comments: "We made a big jump last year as a program. With the large core group coming back, we're hoping to continue the grow and improvement as a team."

Fargo North

Coach: Jace Duffield (second season)

Last season: 0-16-2

Who's gone: Jack Berg, Kyle St. Germain, Garrett Krom, Sawyer Kenney, Cole Kirkpatrick and Parker Philbrick.

Key returners: Jacob Trageton, Sr., F; Stanley Yaya, Sr., F; Gabe Duncan, Sr., F; Jacob Harmon, Jr., M; Jaden Zander, Jr., M; Tate Schloesser, Jr., M; Mason Taragos, Jr., D.

Coach's comments: "We lost some great leaders to graduation but return a lot of guys. We have a very talented incoming freshman class, and I am excited to watch our returning guys grow and step into new roles. We look to take a step forward this year, as we rebuild the program."

Fargo Shanley

Coach: Ryan Christianson (fourth season)

Last season: 10-8-3, third at state

Who's gone: TJ Anderson, Miguel Hanson, Max Bush, Jonny Dietz, Jordan Pederson and Cody Mehlisch.

Key returners: Cam Hoff, Sr., G; Luke Noah, Sr., D; Joe Mickelson, Sr., D; Wasi Odegaard, Sr., M; Kai Nellermoe, Sr., F; Owen Mears, Jr., D; Jorgen Dietz, Jr., D; Jordan Miranda, Jr., M; Evan Reinholz, Jr., M; Mayson Bolme, Jr., D; Emmet Kenney, So. F.

Coach's comments: "We have a experienced group of seniors coming back, along with a well-rounded junior class. There will also be a few new young faces joining the varsity squad this season. As far as the EDC goes, it'll be a tough fight for those top four spots. Won't be surprised if it comes down to the last conference game to see who goes to state."

Fargo South

Coach: Amer Vatres (fifth season)

Last season: 9-7-4, second in Eastern Dakota Conference

Who's gone: Samuel O'Keeffe, Abdalazizi Lubrungo, Abraham Snetter, Cody Sather and Francese Manya.

Key returners: Gabriel Borowicz, Sr., D; Jordan Reihe, Sr., G; Alvin Johnson, Jr., F; Tate Simpson, Jr., M.

Coach's comments: "We lost some key players from last year, and it will be hard to replace them, but we are excited about the new turf that is being built, and we will do our best to stay competitive in every game."

West Fargo

Coach: James Moe (sixth season)

Last season: 13-6-2, Eastern Dakota Conference champions, fourth at state

Who's gone: Noah Schaeffer, Mohamed Hamza and Jewan Manger.

Key returners: Lucas Simon, Sr., F; Telvin Vah, Sr., F; Tommy Klein, Sr., G; Yussuf Mohamed, Sr., M; Jarin Entzi, Sr., D; Zach Milbrandt, Sr., M; Ben Knudson, Sr., M; Enoch Gartei, Jr., M; Sabiti Morisho, Jr., M.

Coach's comments: "Should be a fun year. Lots of returning talent, along with some new guys that have shown some skill will definitely make each game exciting to watch and competitive to play. The teams in the EDC always make for a challenging game, so you have to be ready each day."

West Fargo Sheyenne

Coach: Jon Melendez-Soloaga (third season)

Last season: 6-6-5

Who's gone: Zachary Douglas, Sean Fenelon, Elisha Negron, Leonard Dunor, Sondre Oestgaard-Rygg, Gideon Kamau, Channing Stelljes, Dario Kolanovic, Suman Lamitare, Tejas Bajwa, Sam Kramer and Zach Nelson.

Key returners: Kai Black, So., M; Hussein Mohamed, Jr., M; Patrick Smith, Sr., D; Kayden Aberle, So., D; Narayan Limbu, Sr., M; Melvin Dennis, Jr., F.

Coach's comments: "This year we will be a young team with the loss of a large senior class last year. We will be relying on many young, talented underclassmen to fulfill key roles on the pitch. We have a skilled pool of student-athletes that work hard and are eager to achieve their goals this season. Our success this year will be determined by each player embracing and recognizing the vital role they play in contributing to the teams' overall performance."


Coach: Ben Patrie (second season)

Last season: 14-3-1, lost in the Minnesota Class 2A, Section 8 semifinals

Who's gone: Clay Riveland, Imani Silas, Abdifatah Ibrahim, James Ntunba, Abdiqani Nur, Ahmed Mohamed, Ali Gedo, Abdirahman Hassan and Rufus Kpadeh.

Key returners: Alhasan Alomar (captain), Sr, M; Caden Triggs (captain), Jr., G; Parker Delorme (captain), Sr., M; Shakir Artan, Sr., F; Andres Yanez Arroyo, Sr., F; Daud Abdikadir, Sr., M; Kyler Kleven, Sr., D; Yousif Alshimani, So., M.

Coach's comments: "I'm hoping to at least match our record from last year, but more importantly to make one more step in progress and make the section final. I know the boys want to make it back to state and I'm right there with them. We're hoping that we can make that final push and that final step. I'm cautiously optimistic. We lose some pretty key players, but I think we're going to have a lot of guys step up this year."



Coach: Nicole Wiesner (11th season)

Last season: 5-12

Who's gone: Jasmine Ghauri, Kylie Harrom, Cassidy Erickson, Emma Cullen, Lei Yajima and Taylor Radeck.

Key returners: Lauren Hodny (captain), Jr., F; Sana Ghauri, Jr., D; Kylie Englund (captain), Sr., D; Madeline Etter, Jr., M; Jenna Schroeder, Jr., M; Olivia Watson, So., F; Emily Soukup, So., G; Grace Hanson, Jr., G; Chloe Strom, So., M; Aubrey Hill (captain), Sr., M; Izzy Grundstrom (captain), Sr., D.

Coach's comments: "Since we're basically the same team we're hoping to improve from last year and we are looking strong in all our positions this year, so we should have a successful season."