Spud hockey players start hashtag movement for 'The Bachelor' contestant

PHOTO: Spuds "Bachelor" party brings fun mid-season

MOORHEAD — After a long practice session in preparation for their quarterfinal match up with Edina on Thursday, March 7, a few members of the Moorhead Spuds boys hockey team wanted to get their minds off hockey.

Luckily, it was "Bachelor Monday."

Since the start of the hit ABC reality show's current season, a few members of the team have gathered at a friend's house for viewing parties.

"The guys in the locker room can talk about something other than hockey," said senior forward Isaac Henkemeyer-Howe. "Like we talk about who's going to be getting kicked off this week or something like that."


The players are really invested in the show, so much to the point that they've even started a hashtag movement for one of the contestants.


#DoItForDemi was started in favor of their favorite former show member, Demi Burnett. The hashtag even reached Burnett, who responded a few times to the team.
"We liked her because she stirred the pot," said senior forward Thomas Horan.

Henkemeyer-Howe says they do get some teasing from teammates but that it's all in good fun.

"Just hang out with our friends and make sure we enjoy our senior year and this is a place where we can do that."

Just like the show, he did leave a cliffhanger. If the Spuds win the state title, he might break out a nice "prom-posal".

To who?

"We need to win first before I do that," he said.

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