UND's Mason Bennett has eyes on professional football career

Mason Bennett UND practice

GRAND FORKS-- Mason Bennett sure left his mark in the UND football program, now he has his eyes set on playing professionally, a dream that could soon turn into reality.

“I’m really excited for the next process, it’s going to be a challenge but I’m excited,” said Bennett.

It started as a dream years ago in his home country of Canada, now becoming a professional football player could happen as soon as this month.


“Since I was little I’ve always had the dream of seeing my name called on draft and going to a city and playing in front of thousands and thousands of fans representing my hometown and that new town wherever I’m at, so I’m definitely excited for it,” said Bennett.

With under a month to go before hearing his name called in the Canadian Football League draft, the former UND defenseman is back in Grand Forks adjusting to his new normal of staying ready for football season.

“Even like a month ago I was training in Minneapolis and we were in one of the most high tech gyms ever, and now I’m in the living room training with a 45 pound plate and a resistance band,” said Bennett.

A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bennett came to North Dakota in 2015. He finished his career as an All American while also becoming the program’s career sack leader in the division one era. Despite being in the top ten in the prospect rankings in the CFL draft, Bennett was stripped of a pro day just like thousands of college athletes across the continent. The defensive end remains confident on what he can bring on game day.

“Those FCS schools and even the D2, D3 schools almost rely on that pro day just to show that hey maybe I can run with these Alabama, LSU guys and stuff like that. But now they’re kind of resorting back to the whole game film, which I believe is kind of an advantage that I have. I did have some pretty good film from junior year and senior year, so I think showing teams that I can play with these guys and they can trust that I can hang with the bigger guys like that, so I definitely think that will end okay,” said Bennett.

As Mason Bennett strives to find his next step in football, he praises the UND coaching staff for preparing wherever the game may bring him next.

“I think the way that Coach plays defense it makes me ready for any task I’m going to face in life. When it comes to football he had me playing a couple positions. I think the way he used me really gave me that versatility I can use at the next level and almost give me an advantage,” said Bennett.

Bennett says that he is not limiting his options to just the CFL, he said that multiple NFL teams have also shown interest in him. He will weigh his options though as the NFL draft begins April 23rd.


Mason Bennett UND

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