VIDEO: Sister Act - Pelican Rapids program built on family

PHOTO: Pelican Rapids girls basketball

PELICAN RAPIDS, MN - We hear family metaphors a lot in the sports world and every team claims to be their own kind of family.

In Pelican Rapids, the girls basketball team takes that to the next level, with five different sets of sisters within the Vikings program.

The older sisters look at this unique opportunity as a way to support and play alongside their younger siblings.


"S ome people don't get the chance to be able to be able to play with them and I know like with my younger sister I'm not going to get the chance to play with her," Junior guard Maddie Guler said. "So it's fun to get to be able to play with my sister now."

While the younger sisters use this as a chance to absorb information and learn as much as they can.

"I really think it has made me better, having someone to be there for me and be able to answer to my questions about it," noted Freshman Tori Stephenson.

One thing all these sisters can agree on is they're making memories they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

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