WATCH: D-G-F trainer perseveres after loss of hearing as toddler

Shane Winkenwader serves as D-G-F's head athletic trainer for all twelve varsity sports

D-G-F head trainer Shane Winkenwader
D-G-F head athletic trainer Shane Winkenwader has become a school favorite, overcoming the loss of hearing at a young age. (WDAY-TV)

GLYNDON, Minn - Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton athletic trainer Shane Winkenwader was diagnosed with spinal meningitis when he was two years old.

One day he was taken to hospital with a temperature of 108.8 degrees, he went into a coma and once he awoke something was different.

"My favorite thing to do was play piano when I was two, one day I said it's not working and then my mom said, um it's working, so after that, I'm just deaf. " Winkenwader said. " I love being deaf. I can hear no annoying sounds, and all calm, I sleep good at night. That's what I love to do."

Shane moved often growing up and faced difficulties adjusting to new places as a deaf kid. But once he got to college at Washburn University in Kansas, Shane found athletic training.

"So, I'm like sure why not try it and it was a perfect fit for me." Winkenwader said.


He found his way to Sanford when D-G-F was in search of a full-time trainer "Shane came out, we met him, and instantly fell in love with him, the kids fell in love with him and I think we got lucky cause we wouldn't have it any other way." D-G-F Athletic Director Joe O'Keefe said.

Winkenwader is now his fifth year as the Rebels head trainer. "It's basically like we are just friends, it's like we are just colleagues I mean he's with us everyday and we just like to have fun with him and get involved in things." D-G-F senior basketball player Aiden Leach said.

"We really do appreciate his personality, what he brings to our programs what he brings to the table, I'm happy to hear D-G-F is his family because that's how we look at it too." O'Keefe said.

"D-G-F is my family." Winkenwader said.

Winkenwader serves as the head trainer for all twelve varsity sports that D-G-F has along with six middle school sports.

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