WATCH: Roller's determination sees her continue to impact Oak Grove team

PHOTO amanda roller bball

SPORTS SUNDAY -- It may have kept an ordinary player down, but Amanda Roller is no ordinary athlete.

Roller had been a four-year starter for Oak Grove, and holds many schools records for the girls basketball program.

In a game against Shiloh Christian, she suffered a lacerated liver, and would soon learn her high school career was over.


Roller's reputation on the hardwood saw support flood in from not only those near and dear to her, but from members of the basketball community as well, including other teams.

"It just made me feel like I can continue on being who I am without playing basketball," said Roller.

Despite that setback, and with the massive amount of support, Roller has continued to be a vital member of her team.

"In her own leadership style, she does it now in practice instead of in the games," said Grover head coach Mike Forsberg. "It's been huge."

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