Wiggins disappears, unnoticed by anyone

The GameBook says he started for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. But where in the world was Jermaine Wiggins? Not once did I hear his name.

The GameBook says he started for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

But where in the world was Jermaine Wiggins?

Not once did I hear his name. If FOX introduced the Vikings' starting offense, I missed it.

Wiggins never caught a pass, didn't even have one thrown his way.

Very unusual for the team's leading receiver.


Also very unusual that my friends in the booth, Curt Menefee and JC Pearson, didn't miss him.

Perhaps the only person inside Ford Field in Detroit as hard to find as Wiggins was FOX sideline reporter Jennifer Hammond.

Early in the game she gave an injury report on Mewelde Moore, and she talked to Mike Tice at halftime.

After that she disappeared. Maybe she was out helping the stadium police catch the guy or guys waving the Fire (Matt) Millen signs.

Since the Lions president and CEO fired coach Steve Mariucci on Monday, the feedback appears to be all negative for the Lions.

Fans spent a lot of time booing Sunday, and it wasn't all aimed at the players on the field.

Things were so bad they were cheering for deposed starting quarterback Joey Harrington. Go figure.

The talking heads spent quite a bit of time debating whether Millen should stay or go.


The consensus seems to be that if Mariucci had to go, so should Millen, whose main claim to fame, other than his multiple Super Bowl rings, is that he is a disciple of John Madden.

FOX showed a three-year-old clip of Jimmy Johnson saying Millen should not have been given the Detroit job back then. He still feels that way.

Howie Long pretty much defended Millen, while Terry Bradshaw chastized the former linebacker for spending time on the sidelines during games, shouting at players.

Bradshaw said Millen needs more patience with his coaches. He fired Marty Mornhinweg and replaced him with Mariucci, then fired him, too. Both coaches were operating with players Millen drafted.

And speaking of coaches on the hot seat, the FOX crew thinks Tice has saved his job as coach of the Vikings.

I couldn't tell if Bradshaw said it tongue-in-cheek, but he suggested Tice as a candidate for coach of the year.

Long said Tice's job should be safe, and Johnson agreed.

But wait, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the Bears, Minnesota's final four opponents, could change all that.


- Mr. Clean: FOX did a nice mini-feature on Brad Johnson during the game, detailing how he has three uniforms for each game: one for pregame, one for the first half and one for the second half.

I don't recall if they mentioned whether he needs three when he's sitting and Daunte Culpepper is playing.

- Great trade: Did you notice that both players the Vikings acquired as a result of the Randy Moss trade - linebacker Napoleon Harris and wide receiver Troy Williamson - were inactive for Sunday's game?

- The ads: And speaking of Madden, now he's shilling for Verizon Wireless. He's everywhere. I think he's trying to equal Bill Gates in net worth.

Ford had a good ad for its F-150 pickups. With a row of 150s lined up in front of a bar, a la motorcycles, the leader of a group of grungy bikers pronounced, "I ain't going in there."

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