Steve Stark

Steve Stark


Steve Stark was an early cartoonist while a student at NDSU on The Spectrum student newspaper in the 1970s.

Later, Steve began his editorial cartooning in earnest at the Lake County News Chronicle, a weekly newspaper in Two Harbors, Minn. While in Two Harbors he soon became publisher of that county newspaper.

There, on the North Shore of Lake Superior he also contributed cartoons to daily newspapers, The Hibbing Daily News, and The Duluth News Tribune.

When he and his wife moved back to Fargo a few years later, he started as an editorial cartoonist for The Forum on a regular basis.

In the F-M area he also contributed editorial cartoons to West Fargo publications as well as the Grand Forks Herald and others.

Steve continues to draw cartoons for The Forum on a weekly basis and estimates he has published over 4,000 editorial cartoons since he began years ago.

InForum cartoonist Steve Stark is retiring after 34 years and over 4,000 editorial cartoons.

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