We are in the middle of what is Fargo and Grand Forks coldest month but so far this winter has been missing just that: the cold.

It’s my first winter here in the Red River Valley and having moved from about 500 miles to the south and east of here, I was expecting cold, and snow...and a lot of it.

However as this winter wears on, we are still low on snow by just under a foot, marking this year in the top ten least snowy winters so far for Fargo and the 2nd least snowy winter in grand forks.

Perhaps more impressive: we’ve only had two nights with subzero low temperatures in Fargo and four nights in Grand Forks.

Compare that with last winter when Fargo counted 34 days below zero and Grand Forks marked 47 days with the minus sign.

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Two winters ago was a good year for thick ice: Grand Forks had nearly 70 nights with subzero temperatures, while Fargo witnessed more than fifty.

The warmest we’ve been in terms of subzero lows was the winter of 1986-87 with only 14 days dropping below zero in Fargo and the winter of 1997-98 with only 17 days dropping below zero in Grand Forks.

There is still cold, arctic air around… it just hasn’t made its way to us yet, there’s plenty winter left.