BIG LAKE CORMORANT, Minn. — Nick Beto and Grant Norder are used to telling memorable fishing and hunting stories. After all, they have their own YouTube, instagram and Facebook pages called, "North Bros Outdoors". But now they have a story to top them all.

It started when the two were fishing the ice on Big Cormorant Lake. They had a sunflower propane heater set-up that was just not putting out heat.

"We sat down and closed all the doors, and I looked at the heater and it was burning, but it wasn't burning like it should be," Beto explained. "Once I messed with the dial, I could hear and see propane coming out."

The propane came out and shot a 3-foot-high flame out of the tank.

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"Instead of a straight stream of fire, it was a ball, a big fire ball and I don't know what made me do it, but I grabbed the house, (...) and flipped the house on its back," Beto said.

While Beto was flipping the portable ice house, Norder grabbed the tank and threw it as far as he could on the ice. After that an even bigger tower of fire coming from the propane tank.

"Five seconds after it got tossed outside the house, it turned into a flamethrower, (shooting fire) eight feet in the air, solid flame," Beto said. "It looked like something in a movie."

Fortunately, both men were able to avoid injury during the accident. Their advice to people after this experience is to make sure to check all the connections on any heating device or propane tank. The two now realize the fishing gods were on their side that afternoon.