Bullseye of the spring snowstorm hits the Lake Park area

Many parts of our region dealt with just a few inches of snow. The bullseye of the the Wednesday morning storm was a small section of Lakes Country, where more than nine inches fell.

A Lake Park plow driver makes the rounds after a late March winter storm dumps nearly a foot of snow on the town.
Nick Broadway

LAKE PARK, Minn. — In a matter of one night, Lake Park went from having next to no snow on the ground to more than ankles deep in dense, wet snow pack.

WDAY's Stormtracker team reported 9.5 inches of snow for that area.

When looking at the storm on the WDAY Stormtracker radar, it appears to use Lake Park as a pivoting point — dumping the lion's share of snow on the town, leaving everyone else around the area with just a few inches.

"The nature of the snow was heavy, because it was falling from a little convective shower that is updrafts and downdrafts that produce little more concentrated areas of snow," WDAY Stormtracker meteorologist John Wheeler said. "So it snowed pretty hard."

School was canceled, left turn lanes were impassable, and the plows went surfing.


But when WDAY News walked by Lake Park park, nobody was seen playing in the snow. It is understandable, since this late March snow is wet and nasty.

Still, the elements were no problem for the Alder family. No school meant young Leighton, Olivia and Vander could spend all morning rolling around in the snow. The grownups got to deal with the consequences of a last-minute snow storm.

"Well my daughter came upstairs and said she'd been shoveling and I thought, 'oh not that big of a deal,'" Vicki Alder said. "Came out and saw both of our vehicles buried."

They spent the morning digging themselves out. Maria even picked up the snow shovel while eight-months pregnant.

"Three weeks left," the mother exclaimed.

The three-person plow team in Lake Park spent the better part of Wednesday, March 30, dodging mailboxes and trudging through weighty snow pack, while asking mother nature — why specifically here?

"It does happen here but all you can hope for is that it goes somewhere else and not in my town," City of Lake Park Superintendent Todd Frank said.

Frank is hoping they get no more snow for the rest of the season, but you never know when you live in Minnesota.

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