Fargo mail carrier finds and saves confused woman from blizzard

Andrew Nelson / WDAY

FARGO — A north Fargo mail carrier was in the right place at the right time Wednesday, Feb. 12, when police say he saved a woman from freezing in frigid weather brought to the region by an arctic cold front.

Mike Sorum has been carrying mail in Fargo for years and during his route on Wednesday, he saw an elderly woman who appeared disoriented and confused standing outside in high winds and plummeting, bitter temperatures.

"Do you have any idea how you got here?" Sorum recalled asking her repeatedly. The woman said she had just woken up where he found her, had forgotten her own name and needed his help.

Sorum said he knows his mail route well and was sure the woman didn't live near there, making it anyone's guess as to how long she had been out in the elements.


"She was freezing, she was just shaking like crazy, so I don't know how long she had been out there on her own, and she was totally disoriented, so I put her in my vehicle and got the heater going," Sorum said. "As she warmed up, she started asking me a lot of unusual questions. She asked if it was Christmas yet. I said it was significantly past Christmas."

Sorum told the woman that he better call 911 as he didn't know what else to do in the situation. The woman said that she was very thirsty so Sorum gave her a bottle of Gatorade to drink.

Fargo police took the woman to the hospital for observation. The good deed was all in a day's work for Sorum, who wants no glory or hero talk.

"I am just glad I was there and able to help her," Sorum said.

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