Mount Fargo continues to grow with more snow on the way

The snow pile near the City of Fargo Landfill is now more than 75 feet tall and has been crucial to getting snow out of downtown Fargo.

Mount Fargo.jpg
Mount Fargo stands at around 75 feet tall and growing.
Finn Harrison / WDAY News

FARGO — With more snow on the way this weekend, the City of Fargo is preparing to add to the snow pile affectionally named Mount Fargo.

Mount Fargo is a dumping ground near the landfill where the city puts snow they can't put elsewhere.

Fargo Public Works services manager Paul Fiechtner says the pile is about as tall as it was at this time last year, currently sitting at around 75 feet. They've added roughly 8 to 10 feet to it since the beginning of March.

But it is wider this year, and they've also had to create some additional mini-mountains in a space east of the landfill.

Fiechtner said the lack of days above freezing is contributing to its size.


"We haven't had a lot of melting days yet this year so, what came down out of the sky is still around and sitting in the pile there," Fiechtner said.

He also said the massive snow pile is key to getting snow out of downtown Fargo when there is a lot of snow accumulation.

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