Preparing your garden and lawn for the upcoming freeze

Don Kinzler with Cass County Horticulture explains what to do with your lawn and garden before the first frost hits this season.

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FARGO — The first killing frost of the year is projected to happen in the next couple of days.

A killing frost is when the ground temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Don Kinzler with Cass County Horticulture says the grass in our area enjoys the change in temperature.

He says one of the best things to do for your lawn before the freeze takes over is to water the grass to keep them hydrated.

The killing frost that comes in will mark the end of the growing season for many fruits like tomatoes.


"If it is not going to get nice again, then we can bring some of the tomatoes in and they will ripen. The tomatoes that are starting to get kind of a blush of color in them, they will continue on to ripen up in doors. Bring them in, in a nice warm spot, and they will continue to ripen," he said.

Apples on the other hand, can embrace the colder conditions coming.

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"Unless it is going to get below 25, actually the cold temperatures help to increase the sugar content in some of these late apples" he said.

Certain flowers in pots and planters can continue to stay alive indoors during the colder conditions.

"There are certain types such as the geraniums for pots and planters, we can bring those indoors. Just lift the plant out of the pot that they are currently in, shake off the soil, cut them back a bit, throw them in a pot and grow them indoors in a sunny window or under florescent light," he said.

As for planted flowers and grass, he says to let them freeze and they will return when the weather warms up.

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