Tow truck company calms down after a wild, wintery weekend

All Pro Towing shares their stories from one of the busiest days of the year

All Pro Trucking says the best way to avoid needing a tow truck is to simply slow down.
Derek Zimmerman-Guyer / WDAY-TV

ROTHSAY, Minn. — With another wintry weekend in the books, one Fargo towing company's phone line was crammed with off-road calls for help.

Towing companies were catching their breath on Monday, Feb. 14, after one of their busiest weekends of the winter.

Snow and ice covered roads created slippery and dangerous conditions, leading to dozens of accidents and cars sliding off the roads. All Pro Towing says they drove out 50 miles both east and west over the weekend.

"It was a pretty hectic weekend," said All Pro Towing manager Nathan Lohem.

Luckily for this crew that specializes in semi trucks, Monday wasn't as manic as it had been the last three days, with some semis traveling too fast for the conditions.


"We had one guy that went off of the highway and he went to get 300 yards into a farmer's field. So that was pretty crazy," Lohem said.

It's just one of many calls for help they still haven't counted up.

"We now have all three heavies running nonstop from morning till night, and a couple light duties too. So we're busy," Lohem said.

Lohmen says loaded trailers are less likely to go off the road because of their large cargo, but that changes once the trailers are empty.

His advanced advice for trucks is to know their limits when barreling through blizzards like ice-road truckers.

"Park your truck when it's icy out," Lohem said with a laugh.

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