WATCH: Is it a white Christmas? Well, it depends on how you define it

White Christmas

FARGO — When people ask the question: “will it be a white Christmas?” what does it mean?

Snow on the ground? Measurable snow at least one inch deep? Or is it flakes falling from the sky?

The F-M area has the first two checked off.

“It kind of depends on where you're at, some folks have some snow, and you can see that even on our tower cams from [Detroit Lakes] to Grand Forks,” said WDAY meteorologist Jared Piepenburg.


But how common is it to have snow on the day?

Since 1881, six out of seven Christmas Days featured snowfall. But in the last few decades, that number has dropped. Now just four out of five Christmas Days had snowfall.

The last time there was no, or barely any snow, was in 2014 — with less than 1 inch on the ground. The most snowfall F-M has seen on Christmas Day was in 2010, with 8 inches.

But the all-important, lingering question still remains: will we see any snow fall from the sky?

That will depend on where you are, Piepenburg said.

You're more likely to see snow later in the week. Major snowfall is expected in F-M and the surrounding areas the day following Christmas.

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