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'We will take this all winter long': Area plows parked due to nice weather and no snow

Snowplowing is a major event, with 733 miles of residential streets and 2,100 miles of driving lane miles in the area

DILWORTH — Usually the end of November, cities and small towns around our region have already spent a lot of time and money keeping streets clear of snow and ice. This year, plow drivers are keeping busy with other chores, but they are not complaining.

"We will take this all winter long, this is really nice to have," said Dilworth plow driver and maintenance supervisor Jeff Berg.

At the Dilworth shop on the west side of town, the big door has hardly been raised this winter. The months of October and November are now in the books, and some winter equipment has not left the shed.

"Without going out, you are not wearing your cutting edges down, they are going to last a lot longer," Berg said.

With talk of temperatures in the low 50's Wednesday, Dec. 1, Berg hopes the trend will continue. He remembers years where area cities are not only saving on manpower hours and overtime, but inventory as well. Things like salt and sand are not being used, and they just hope their luck holds.


There have been years where early storms, like the one in October of 2019 that had cities like Dilworth spending entire overtime budgets before Christmas.

Not this year. So far.

"When I got the phone call from you, I thought you were playing a sick joke on me, trying to jinxed the whole metro area," said Dilworth city administrator Payton Mastera. "But we will keep our fingers crossed."

But so far, even the plows have a little layer of dust on them, and no one is complaining.

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